Well I can’t go back to Georgia take me to Tennessee, ‘cause Georgia’s full of things that will never be
— - "Can't Go Back To Georgia" (Lyrics)

Originally from New Hampshire, Sofia Lee Davis made the South her home quickly after turning 13. While living in Chatham, Virginia, she spent her weekends going to underground musical performances and karaoke nights put on by a local military base. Always with her notebook in hand, she began to write simply, recording her first single “Away” at age 15, and winning runner up for the song during the 2007 Seacoast Idol Competition. 

At age 19, the rural outskirts of Georgia became her home of 6 years, and with it came an abrupt halt to her singing. Becoming a medic for the 911 response service for the city of Atlanta, she continued to write music while on the ambulance.

     Diving right back into her former self, she released her single “Learn You Somethin’” in September 2017 with Rocking Horse Studio, and a music video of the single with Ellipsis Entertainment. Shortly after, “Baby Boy” premiered on 104.9 the Hawk in December 2017, and performed the song live at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord, NH for the Rocking Horse Christmas Spectacular.

Sofia Lee Davis released her debut EP "Can't Go Back to Georgia" on April 20th at Moonshiner's Bar and Grill in Grayson, GA. This summer, the music video for "Can't Go Back to Georgia" is set to be filmed in Loganville, GA.